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Asian gangs sexually abusing young white girls… is unsurprising.

It’s not exactly a surprise. I lived in East London in a Pakistani heavy area for several years (now in a semi-rural suburb, thank god), and was treated on several occasions to young Pakistani men in the 17  to 25 year category having blazing arguments with their very young (mid teens normally) white girlfriends.

What did anyone expect? They can’t pursue girls from their own community for sex, if they tried the consequences for the girl could easily be fatal and the girl’s family might well see their way to giving the young man the beating of a lifetime. Add to this the unfortunately common belief that non-Muslim girls are moral trash… you don’t need to be Einstein to see there’s going to be a problem. Mainly, it’s just young Asian men with a white girlfriend. The only real issue is the level of organisation involved;  group offences speak to a common cultural attitude that something is ‘okay’. That’s the worrying part. European sex offenders tend to be solo, as they grasp how out of line from the social norm they are, and find it hard to find friend of a similar mindset. The prevalence of multiple offenders really speaks masses as to the Pakistani/UK Muslim underlying attitudes to women and sex; 53 out of the 56 offenders in the last 13 years were Asian; 50 were Pakistani. (Northern and Midlands police grooming convictions).

What did surprise me was the screeches of outrage from assorted politicians and community leaders.  The Muslim communities of Europe have a well documented history of sex offences, not just against the indigenous population but against females from their own groups who are westernising, or who don’t have male relatives to protect them (the tournade rapes in France are a prime example). Such is the effect of a backwards culture. Anyone wanting to understand this in-depth should study the Hudood ordnance, and the treatment of rape victims in Pakistan, which is where the young men involved in this trace their cultural roots to. It’s a backward traditionalist culture that treats their own women as little more than property. Why expect them to treat our daughters any better?


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