Lies, damn lies and race crime statistsics

After watching the truly execrable Channel 4 series of programs ‘Race, the last taboo…’ I was inspired to do some reading into race and hate crime statistics. I’ll rip Rageh Omar a new one over the show on race and IQ at a later date (it was shamelessly biased and very nearly dishonest in places), but for now I’m studying the myth that ‘racism is something white people do to Asian/black people’, which was pushed on us yet again by the re-hashing of the 70’s brown eye/blue eye experiment. To be truthful I’m fed up with white people being portrayed as the source of all interracial strife by the media.

This involved tracking down a few stats from the race hate crimes ( I found the 2004 figures) and then comparing them to the percentages of which race is living in the UK. At the moment our population is…

91%  white (mainly native).
4.4% Asian (mixed Chinese and South Asian).
2.2% black.

With mixed race and ‘other’ filling up the rest of the space.

Then I checked the offence figures- overall the chance of a minority being victimized is about 1%, and the rate for a white it is less than 1% . The article I got this from pushed this as proof minorities were being victimized by the white British.

However, all is not as it seems.  There were a total of 179,000 race motivated crimes, of which…

87,000 victims were minority.
92,000 victims were white.

And then to consider was that 57% of the offenders where non-white, which meant…

102,000 offences were committed by the 9% minority (5.5million) an offending rate of about 1/53.

76,970 offences were committed by 91% white population   (55.5 million)  an offending rate of about  1/721 .

So in actuality each white British citizen is… 13.6 times less likely to commit a racially motivated crime, at least as an individual.

Breaking this down into violent attacks that involved wounding…

20,000 of the injured were the 91% majority (87% of offences by non white)

4,000 of the injured were the 9% minority. (30% of offences within the minority)

Which means…

The 9% have an offending rate of 1/295

The 91% have an offending rate of 1/19821

So again it looks bad, with the non white community roughly 67 times more likely to commit a violent racially motivated offence  (individually) than the white majority.

One comment I’d like to make that white non-British groups like the Roma, Turkish and people from the near East probably do figure in these statistics (possibly contributing to the white-on-white white crimes against the British and some crimes against the non-white minority) so there’s probably a bit of wiggle room in these stats, but it would be adding to immigrant crime levels, and non detracting from it.

All this is makes me think that its our black and Asian neighbours need racial sensitivity training, not us. And makes me query the wisdom of allowing more of them to immigrate. However.. I’m shy of lumping the Chinese and East Asians in with Indians and Pakistanis, or even Pakistanis with other Southern Asian groups as Islam probably does have a major impact on the rate of offending. I suspect the east Asians have a lower offending rate and the Pakistani rate would be respectively higher (personal experience from living in London).



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2 responses to “Lies, damn lies and race crime statistsics

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  2. Kiwiguy

    “east Asians have a lower offending rate”
    That tends to be the case generally. I’d recommend Anthony Walsh’s ‘ Race and crime: a biosocial analysis’.

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