IQ, race and assortive mating.

I’ve had an idea to do with race and IQ that’s to do with assortive mating.

The average IQ of people with one black and one white parent in the USA is in between the averages for both groups. I keep seeing this put down to white parent IQ 100+black parent IQ 85=185/2= IQ of 92.5 for the mixed race child.

But that’s not how people work

There’s something called ‘assortive mating’, where someone will seek out a like individual to pair up with, and the most matched trait in couples (more so than political views, education or physical attractiveness) is IQ. Generally it will be put down as similar interests/same sense of humour/educational level. But really, to understand your life-mate properly you have to think on the same level as them. It’s uncommon to see a couple with an IQ more than six points apart.

This brings us to racial diffences in IQ.

This bell curve, that I have shamelessly swiped from Wikipedia, is a good visual aid for this. The orange pointed are in the middle is where most of the overlap in IQ occurs, and the IQ range of 90 to 95 seems to be where the most overlap between the two groups occurs. So black people on the higher end of their groups IQ range, will actually have more chance of meeting a European with a similar IQ: the higher the black genius’s IQ, the more likely it will that any prospective equals he meets will be white. Particularly as white strongly outnumber black Americans. There is a trend for degree educated black Americans to marry inter-racially.

Add this together with a tendency for successful black American men to marry white women, and you’ve got a trend where the most intelligent black people are distancing their offspring from their parent group. I really don’t think intermarriage has made any positive impact on the IQ of black Americans at all, I think it has had a mildly negative impact if anything.

What this means is that European ancestry doesn’t mean a higher IQ for the mixed kid, it’s black parent was probably roughly that smart; they were just more likely to meet a white mate with a matching IQ than their black friends were.  What thoes does mean is that intermarriage won’t solve the problem very fast, you’ll just end up with the middle and upper IQ ranges  getting more European DNA in them, and the lower range being marked out by their African appearance. Not a thought to induce racial harmony in the future.


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