Immigration hate and the UK. Not about race, about culture and cash.

I was reading through some information on Britain’s recent immigration wave (more like a tsunami), and the official conclusion to it..

 ‘Record levels of immigration have had “little or no impact” on the economic well-being of Britons, an influential House of Lords committee has said.’

This item goes on to conclude that..

‘competition from immigrants has had a negative impact on the low paid and training for young UK workers, and has contributed to high house prices’.

Also, Migrationwatch worked out that the economic benefit from migration was..

‘The difference between these figures, it said, amounted to a 4p gain for each person in the UK per week – or about £2.10 a year’

Another conclusion from the Office for National Statistics was..

‘Mass immigration has been accompanied by a fall in the number of Britons with jobs, official figures show.

Since 2004, when citizens of eight central and eastern European countries were given the right to work in Britain, the number of UK-born people working here has fallen by 500,000, from 24.4 million to 23.9 million.

Over the period, the number of migrants in work, including people born abroad but now naturalised as British citizens, rose by 1.1 million – to 3.3 million. They now make up one in eight of the workforce.’

So, they pushed up the house prices, didn’t bring any extra money in, and caused unemployment and a reduction in training in the young and unskilled. It does seem to me that it was rather stupid letting so many in. The usual reason you see trotted out is that ‘if they don’t let them in, we’ll have to work an extra five years each to cover the pensions shortage’. And I am absolutely fine with doing just that. The pension was meant to see you through your final years where you were too infirm to support yourself, not to let you sit on your behind for twenty years (female retirement is sixty in the UK) twiddling your thumbs. I’d prefer to work, given the choice. The real answer would be to make part time employment for older people more viable, not boost the younger population with immigration.

The current UK population is now at over sixty million, and about 45% of the yearly increase in population is due to immigration. About 8% of the UK population was born overseas. At the moment about 240,000 immigrants arrive in our tiny little island every years. The population is set to hit 77 million by 2050. Call me gloomy, but where is all the extra housing coming from? It’s pretty crowded (and very expensive) in the UK already.

I have to say, when I was doing temporary work fruit packing in my twenties, the sudden influx of eastern European girls did have a negative affect on how much money I earned. There’d  be a set number of orders to clear in a day. Prior to their arrival, we’d work a full day. After their arrival, we’d always end up going home a couple of hours early, this really took it’s toll on my pay packet.

That’s not mentioning the Romanian crime wave in central London. My husband works at a major London tourist attraction, and there are gangs of Romanian kids (sent out by their parents) picking pockets and snatching bags. And we can’t deport them. I admire the stance the Japanese tour guides took though. They hired muscle to hang around a few metres behind the tours, and waited for the kids to make a run on the group. They then proceeded to give the little thieves a few good kicks, and after that the rate of pickpocketing on the Japanese tour groups in the museum went right down.

The population projections have worked out that the indigenous British will be a minority in London sometime in the next few decades. I have to say, my main objection to all this is the people who flatly refuse to integrate, and try to change the country they’ve moved to into a little piece of the one they left. That is not the point of moving to a new country. I mean, if you don’t like it, why go there? If the old country and culture was so great, why leave?

This isn’t ‘all about race’. There was a big backlash against the Poles, and they are blonder and bluer eyed than your average Stormfront member. it’s about overcrowding, money and clashing cultures.



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2 responses to “Immigration hate and the UK. Not about race, about culture and cash.

  1. Martin

    Send them home.

  2. M.Robertson

    Couldn’t agree more – the saddest point is that the British culture is seriously undermined and in danger of being overwhelmed by pushy immigrants whose “preciousness” about their cultures prevents them ever being British. Britain paid the price to gain its legal system, and its freedom – what a shame Brits have been too polite to talk openly about the nonsense of immigration – its about time that Britain stood up for itslef and shut the doors, frankly forever – Britain doesn’t need more people, its got plenty already!!

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