Multiple Sclerosis and diet.

I have MS. Not badly, but enough to make life interesting. My eyesight’s failing a bit, but so far that’s all. Will I go blind in a few years? End up a mad cripple in a wheelchair like my mother?

When I started get get ill, before I was diagnosed (I’m not dumb, my mum had I MS, I know the symptoms) I started researching on line. And found some real gems buried among the hippy junk. One thing I’ve always been good at is seeing connections between odd bits of information, and this is what I found…

No-one with MS has gout, no-one with gout has MS 

So what? Well, this is really, really important. It means that something about gout effectively puts the brakes on MS, and the causal factor of gout is high uric acid levels in the blood. It turns out that MS sufferers tend to have very low uric acid levels in their blood, and so can’t get gout.

This explains why some of the MS treating diets have worked in the past. They all seem to require ‘no dairy’ . This works because… consumption of dairy products lowers the risk of gout attacks, so you are looking at a factor that lowers blood uric acid levels. The lactose seems to be the real culprit, as cheese and butter didn’t seem to have any effect on the gout sufferers

A lot of the diets are also heavy on the consumption of oily fish, for the Omega 3 oils. Well this works too, but not because of the O3 oils. Oily fish are generally very high in purines, and purines are the way of raising uric acid levels in your blood. Offal, like liver and heart, are also high in purines, and I’ve seen these recommended on some MS diets too. The fat content of your diet doesn’t seem to be relevant. It also means… vegetarianism isn’t a great idea for MS patients. They need to eat a lot of flesh to keep uric acid levels high.

Other thing that will raise your uric acid levels are high levels of vitamin D and B3 (both recommended for MS sufferers), alcohol (beer is the best) and some drugs, like a low dose of aspirin. I wonder if any studies have been done on MS and alcohol.

There’s a nutritional supplement you can take that raises uric acid levels, Inosine. It’s currently being tested on MS patients, and it’s looking good as a cheap, safe, over the counter treatment.

I can’t help wondering if over efficient excretion of uric acid isn’t an adaptation to a high purine, meat based diet. Do MS sufferers have fewer problems with kidney stones? Would disabling a kidney increase uric acid levels? Hmm.


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  1. Interesting! My fiance has MS. I have sent him this url. Uric acid, eh? I had no idea about the gout/no gout issue with MS. Brava to you for noticing the connection. Ciao from Naples! ~Tui

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