Annoying vegetarians.

 I’ve been having a fine old time annoying vegetarians…

I get the not eating meat for ethical reasons, and I’m fine with that. I was a veggie myself for three years in my twenties, partly from ethics and partly because I’d lead to believe I’d be thinner and healthier. Which was a total lie. I was hungry all the time and fatigued. My MS first reared it’s head at this time, with a couple of attacks of blurred vision and general weakness.

MS sufferers need to eat meat and fish. I know there are some people who’ll start wittering on about the need for low fat diets a la Dr Swank, but the only reason his diet worked was because it encouraged people to eat offal and oily fish, rich in purines. Low uric acid is a real issue in MS, and animal purines turn into uric acid.

Veggies like to quote studies about how saturated animal fat causes coronary heart disease, and how red meat causes cancer. But if you take a good look at the big lifestyle studies you’ll realise that this is all very careful selected details from studies, or from very iffy studies. The latest major study, fittingly called the Epic Study, did say that red meat causes colon cancer. But if you read the whole thing, it says that eating fish regularly negates this, as does a decent amount of fibre, or fruit and veg. The average Brit eats less than the cancer inducing amount anyway. So actually, it’s only eating only red meat non stop that will rot your colon. I guess if meat is murder, it’s okay to yell a few lies.

As for the ’saturated animal fats cause heart disease’, line, that’s starting to look seriously shaky. Yes, the elderly men on the ‘high fat’ diet had more heart attacks, but they had less cancer than the old men on the ‘low fat’ diet, and the death rate was the same. Personally, I’d prefer a heart attack to cancer. No chemo, no morphine, no strangers changing your nappy.

The Nurses Health Study also failed to find a link between a ‘bad fat’ diet and heart disease, and it studied over 7,000 women. If anything, refined carbohydrates were pointed out as the bad guy. And it’s not the only study to come to that conclusion. So veggies beware, I’m on the prowl.

Epic study  Nurses study



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3 responses to “Annoying vegetarians.

  1. I’m a proud veggie and look forward to someone attacking it with the same rigor as race and IQ. I believe in vegetarianism because the same qualities that make us ‘superior’ to animals also make certain races ‘superior’ to other races, but yet this does not justify slavery or oppression.

    Anyway, low fat diets won’t work if you only eat pasta and rice. Diets full of eggs, beans, veggies, and low fat cheese can work very well. Soy doesn’t even have to be a large component of a diet. Never heard of the MS requiring fish and meat, is it an omega 3 thing? Perhaps there are some nutritional benefits to meat, but it does not seem to be significant compared to the million other nutrients experts constantly tell us we’re missing.

  2. Hitler, as is often pointed out, was a vegetarian and very big on animal rights. Did this mean he was more evolved and compassionate?

    Hitler is often used as a straw man in order to shut down any reasonable debate about race. If anything, Hitler was blind to race and IQ: he outlawed IQ tests because he saw them as biased against Germans.

  3. Brint

    I think 25ish is optimistic. Just identifying the genes is less than half the battle. Determining the function of the genes is guesswork and tied to population studies which, as we can all see, have devilish details. The arguments are going to go on for a LONG time.

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